The Great Plains: Mosaic of Life

Once known as the "Great American Desert" and "Sea of Grass," the Great Plains are an environment as powerful as it is underestimated. A land where thunder rumbles on sunny days, wildfires and blizzards stabilize the land and the only constant is the wind and its unpredictability. The Great Plains is a truly amazing ecosystem … Continue reading The Great Plains: Mosaic of Life


Conservation Vocab

When studying wildlife a few words or phrases might continue to pop up on different sites or videos. If you aren't used to hearing or seeing these phrases that get thrown around by people in the Natural Resources industry, all they might do is go over your head. It's not uncommon for me to get … Continue reading Conservation Vocab

The Amazing Vulture!

They fly higher than eagles (or any bird for that matter), have a family tree more complicated than anyone ever thought and mean way more to us than we think they do! Vultures are an amazing group of birds that sadly has gotten a bad reputation in western culture. Normally associated with the villains in … Continue reading The Amazing Vulture!